Get all built in repository nupkg usage

is there an easy way to get all active release that use a specific version of nupkg ?

The idea is we identified an issue on a nupkg and we want to know which project to redeploy.


Hi Sebastien,

Thanks for reaching out. There’s not really an easy way. It involves a lot of API calls.

There’s an open source module called Octoposh that has a couple of cmdlets that help you getting info from Octopus. Using that module I was able to write the gist below to get a result that might be what you are looking for

The script might take a while to run, depending on the amount of projects and deployments you have. It was built for Octopus 2.6 and its currently being revamped for Octopus 3.0, so you will see performance improvements in upcoming versions.

More info about Octoposh:

Hope that helps,