Generate email if intervention is required

Can Octopus email someone if user intervention is required on a deployment that isn’t working as intended? As far as I’ve seen it email at the end of a process and report on the success, or any problems, but I haven’t found how to trigger an email to ‘deployment admins’ if something unexpected is occurring.

Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out.

That’s not possible at the moment. It’ll be a bit hard for Octopus to figure out what qualifies as “something unexpected”.

Would you mind adding this as a suggestion in Uservoice? Try to describe how you’d like it to work as much as possible so other users can comprehend it and vote for it.


Hi Dalmiro

I should probably be a bit more specific; I’d like an email to be generated when a deployment requires “failure guidance”.

Hi James,

Thanks for shedding some light into this. This isn’t possible at the moment with “Guided Failures”, but there’s a uservoice sugestion for it that could really use your votes: