Gain sysadmin access to SQL Server

I need sysadmin access to SQL so I can give our backup utility access to the SQL Server.

The engineer who setup our Octopus environment left the company. Luckily he had me as an administrator in Octopus configuration. I also have admin access to our server hosting Octopus and have full access to Octopus Manager. I can login to the SQL Server but my account has public access and I cannot do much besides login. We’re using a domain account with integrated authentication so I do not see a password in my connection strings.

How do I gain sysadmin access to the SQL Server? Thanks!

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for getting in touch! Is there absolutely nobody else with access to that SQL Server? That would be the first port of call, but it sounds like you’ve already exhausted those possibilities.

There is no built-in support for this in Octopus. You would have to leverage Octopus to do something very custom.

Try creating a project with a custom script to grant your SQL Login the required roles to the SQL Database. If you set the script to run on the Octopus Server, it will run under the same Principal as the Octopus Server itself.

Hope that helps!