Fully automated deploy

I have tried deploy IIS app using Octopus Server portal successfully. Now we want to figure out whether the deploy can be fully automated, i.e. by one click, it would go through all steps

  • packaging source code,
  • upload to repository,
  • run the release / process which has custom target folder, handle variables for different environments, run scripts to encrypt web.config and recycle app pools.

I tried find out the right way to implement this but still not entirely clear what’s the best way. It looks Runbook is not for this purpose; API seems the way to go, but I can hardly find documentations that I can follow as I did in using UI. I prefer to use PowerShell, and saw some examples, but can’t figure out how to handle the custom steps in the Process, how to put all of the steps in one-click-to-finish process. I’d imagine that still need to use UI instead of run from command line?

Can I have some advice on the right way to accomplish the goal? I truly appreciate it!

Thank you!

Hi John,

Thanks for your question!

Octopus Deploy handles the 3rd bullet point in your list.

For the first two points, you’ll want a build or CI server such as TeamCity, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, etc.

The CI server is responsible for building and packaging the source code and then pushing it to either Octopus’s built-in package library or an external repository.

The good news is that we have supported plugins and examples for many builder servers.

Let me know if you have any more questions on build server integration with Octopus.


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