Full deployment for Azure Cloud Service

We are currently deploying our Azure Cloud Service via the “Deploy an Azure Cloud Service” step. Now, we would like to put this existing Cloud Service into an Azure Vnet (i.e. add a networking configuration to the cloud service’s cscfg file pointing to the vnet where it needs to go).

Unfortunately, an Upgrade deployment do not work when trying to add an Existing cloud service into an Azure Vnet. We would have to do a Full deployment during this migration process (i.e. first do Remove-AzureDeployment then do New-AzureDeployment for the Cloud Service).

Now, questions:

  1. Is there a native support in Octopus Deploy to do a FULL cloud service deployment.
  2. If not, is having a custom DeployAzureCloudService.ps1 the only way to achieve this ?

Octopus v2018.3.11

Hi Aloysius,

Unfortunately there is no native support for doing a full deployment. Providing a custom version of the script would be your only option.


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