FTP: Unable to connect: No such host is known

I’m running into the following issue when trying to ftp or ftps deploy to an azure website. I have it all configured correctly and read over your docs. I’ve also verified that I can ftp from the tentacle server to azure but it fails everytime I try to deploy with the following error:

FTP site waws-prod-blu-xxx.ftp.azurewebsites.windows.net/
Beginning synchronization…
Unable to connect: No such host is known
No such host is known
System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): No such host is known
at System.Net.Dns.InternalGetHostByName(String hostName, Boolean includeIPv6)
at System.Net.Dns.GetHostEntry(String hostNameOrAddress)
at qhiMC1Xuu34CUjetS8k.LNc3KwX3bGnToWhZIVS.y2tbeFfgFcM(String )
at XcqC787D1ucHJq5OQAj.yh70E5iz8XLwLVCuYfS.EPVPqRqDe4O(BaseSocket , String , Int32 )
at jSf7nr7nK0kHXbdune0.hQ7S2l7TWSXN1JWJZMU.EPVPqRqDe4O(BaseSocket , String , Int32 )
at EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.FTPControlSocket.BI2b14kDWh8(BaseSocket , String , Int32 , Int32 , Encoding )
at XcqC787D1ucHJq5OQAj.yh70E5iz8XLwLVCuYfS.Iglb1C88U4M(BaseSocket , SocksContext , ProxySettings , String , Int32 , Int32 , Encoding )
at jSf7nr7nK0kHXbdune0.hQ7S2l7TWSXN1JWJZMU…ctor(Boolean , SocksContext , ProxySettings , SmBPJHeUoCMd4Fv2siD , String , Int32 , Int32 , SecureFTPCompatibilityFlags , Encoding , ILogTag )
at EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.Ssl.SSLFTPClient.Connect()
at EnterpriseDT.Net.Ftp.SecureFTPConnection.Connect()
at Octopus.Tentacle.Deployment.Integration.Ftp.FtpSynchronizer.SynchronizationSession.ConnectAndSynchronize() in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Tentacle\Deployment\Integration\Ftp\FtpSynchronizer.cs:line 97
at Octopus.Tentacle.Deployment.Integration.Ftp.FtpSynchronizer.SynchronizationSession.Execute() in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Tentacle\Deployment\Integration\Ftp\FtpSynchronizer.cs:line 89
at Octopus.Tentacle.Deployment.Integration.Ftp.FtpSynchronizer.Synchronize(FtpSynchronizationSettings settings) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Tentacle\Deployment\Integration\Ftp\FtpSynchronizer.cs:line 16
at Octopus.Tentacle.Deployment.Conventions.Implementations.FtpConvention.<>c__DisplayClass2.b__1(IConventionContext cc) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Tentacle\Deployment\Conventions\Implementations\FtpConvention.cs:line 56
at Octopus.Tentacle.Deployment.Conventions.ConventionContextExtensions.RunChildOperation(IConventionContext context, String friendlyName, Action`1 operation) in c:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\1116bd9da9e239fd\source\Octopus.Tentacle\Deployment\Conventions\ConventionContextExtensions.cs:line 15

In the configuration the ftp site is waws-prod-blu-xxx.ftp.azurewebsites.windows.net and doesn’t have the trailing /. I’m at a loss on what could be causing this…


Is it possible that initially the site name had the trailing slash, and then was updated, and a new release hasn’t been created? We take a snapshot of the deployment process each time you create a release, so you’d need to create a new release for the change to take effect.

Failing that, can you update your Variables for the project and create a variable named OctopusPrintVariables with a value of True, and then create and deploy a new release? Then go to the Raw output for the deployment task, and send us a copy? This will allow us to see exactly what values are being passed to Octopus.



I think it may have been cached on previous releases. It started working
late last night out of no where. I had tried doing multiple new releases
and even deleted and readded the deploy to azure and it didn’t work. You
can close this case and I’ll let you know if we see it happen again. Thanks
again for your time and response.

-Blake Niemyjski