Friendly Name on Certificate Import

I just upgraded to 3.13.7 (from 3.7.7), and was working on trying the certificate feature. I am seeing that for a certificate if I use the Import Certificate step template. Generally speaking, this is awesome. However, I’m noting that my friendly name changes from * to (If I am importing it manually, it keeps the *.)

I haven’t seen it cause an issue yet, I was just surprised to see the friendly name change. Is this expected.

Hi Mike,

Yes, this is expected. The friendly-name will be set to the name you gave the certificate in Octopus.

A little background info:

The friendly-name isn’t a property of the certificate itself. It is an attribute on the PFX file.

To import the certificate on your deployment targets, we export it as a PFX. This happens even if the certificate was originally uploaded as a PFX. In doing so, the friendly-name is overwritten.

This wasn’t exactly intentional, it’s actually a side-effect of the library we are using to export the certificate. Though the name given in Octopus is probably a reasonable choice for the friendly-name in many cases.

If this was causing you a problem, it’s certainly something that could be changed. Just let us know if that’s something you would like?

I hope that helps. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the feature!