Forced to restart app pools or high memory using switching over apps the octopus deploy way

We have been trying to track down high memory usage in our applications and believe this has to do with how octopus deploy does deployments. The way I am talking is creating a new folder and switching over the IIS physical path to the new directory on every deploy, you know the right way to do things. I am not sure if we are the only ones running into this issue but I would like some feedback as to if you have seen this behavior before. There seems to be an issue with the previous applications not being removed as you can see in this dump

In addition we see the following error:

Error with app pool shutdown

Not sure if anyone else is running into this but the only way to fix it is to perform an app pool restart after your deploy the app. Also for this deployment we are only using the build in IIS 6+ app root switch in the package step so nothing fancy.

Hi Brent,

It’s not something I’ve seen before.
Is there something in that app that keeps the app pool running? Thinking out loud here, if IIS keeps that app pool running until all requests have finished, is there something long running there?

Where are you seen that malware error?



Whoops that wasn’t the right screenshot. Please ignore this until I provide the right screen shot. That is a rookie move for sure. The other screenshot just showed an actual w3wp.exe error I promise! Sorry to waste some of your time.

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