Folders not recognized in zip file on Linux

Hello, we are running into a problem trying to deploy a node.js application to a Linux server, this is our first attempt to deploy to Linux with OD.

We are packaging the application up using TFS OD build steps, push it to OD as normal and deploying. All of that is working fine. The problem we’re running into is that when the package (zip file) is extracted folders are not being created. Instead the folder names are being made part of the filename.

I was researching and found the previous post below. We were running 3.3.17 at that time so over the weekend we upgraded to the latest version of OD server and tentacles on all servers. We are still having the same problem.

Is there something we would need to upgrade on TFS? It seems like Octo.exe on the TFS server could be the problem but I don’t know how to go about upgrading or seeing what version is there.

Is there something else we could be doing wrong?

The server we are deploying to is running CentOS 7.


Solved my own problem! Turns out that we needed to install the new version of the OD build step extension and that did the trick.

If it’s not obvious to anyone else, when you are in the manage extensions section of TFS there is a context menu on the left when you hover over an extension that allows you to upgrade.


Hi Nate,
Glad to hear you managed to find the solution to this through your own investigations. As noted in that ticket, zip packages should follow certain specifications and use the forward slash as the directory separator. Unfortunately some compression libraries ignore this meaning that while it may work on windows, exporting on a linux machine may result in the behaviour you are seeing (since in Linux the forward slash could be a valid filename).
This seems to have been a bug in the previous version of octo.exe and as you have discovered it should now be sorted!

Thanks for updating us with your findings, let me know if you encounter any further problems.