Folder and File named Obj not deployed


is there a rule somewhere (like an “octopusIgnore”) that excludes some folders or files based on their names (a bit like git has a gitIgnore) ?
I have a asp webApp where a file named “obj.xml” in a folder named “obj” that is not deployed (I know, i know bad name for a folder in .NET project :wink:

Note: The folder and file are in the package…


Hi Pierre,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

We don’t have an ignore file like you suggest and a quick parse of our codebase didn’t reveal any code that would exclude those files.

I did a test here based on your scenario and couldn’t replicate your issue.

To help me further could you give me some additional details about your scenario - apologies in advance for the barrage of questions, but should hopefully save some back and forth.

Are you creating an aspnet core web application, aspnet mvc application, webforms or classic asp?
Are you creating these packages with octopack? What commands do you use to create the package?
Is the obj directory in your wwwroot folder, or is it in the root directory of the project?
What version of Octopus Server, Calamari & Nuget are you using to create / deploy this package?
What do your task logs say when you execute a deployment? On my test it looked something like this:

Are you able to share your process JSON with me? You can export it using Download as Json menu item in the overflow menu on the Process panel.
Please review any attachments for sensitive information before attaching them to this public thread, if necessary - feel free to send to me via to keep attachments private.

Kind regards,


For reference, octopack does exclude some directories and extensions but not specifically the obj/ or obj.xml files

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