Flyway DB Deployment & App deployment

I am using Octopus deploy for few of my .net web-services & websites.
I recently integrated Flyway for SQL DB deployments as one of the steps in my existing Application deployments.

My problem is , if I only have DB deployments for a release (no App changes), I still need to deploy everything (all steps of Ocotpus) , this causes some outage for my app.

Is there a way to have a controlled deployment, say I can choose ONLY DB , ONLY APP or BOTH ,in the existing setup I explained above?


Hi There

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A few options I would suggest

  • Skip steps manually from the deployment page as shown in the screenshot
  • Let the package itself to tell whether the App deployment is required, e.g. to put a script in the package that to set an output variable, use the output variable in the subsequence steps as the Run Condition, see screenshot below

  • Separate the Flyway step into its own project so that you can deploy independently

I hope this helps, let me know what you think and how you go.


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