Filter variables in library variable set based on the environment and tenant scoping

HI Team,

I wanted to check if we can get the value of a variable from library variable set based on the scoping of environment and tenant through api, i need this to use this as part of creating automation script.


Hi Mouli,

Thanks for getting in touch!

Retrieving a list of variables with specific environment scoping should be possible,
We don’t have a script that performs this precise function, however, this one may serve as a good starting point. It will retrieve all of the variables from a particular variable set. You can then add an additional filter for the environment scope.

You mention tenant scoping too. If this is done using tenant tags then you could add that as a filter to the above script along with the environment.
However, if you’re using variable templates and are wanting to retrieve the values of those templates from specific tenants then you would need additional scripting to query each tenant in turn for those values.


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