Filter by releases shows nothing

We have a small but annoying client side bug that appeared in one of the recent updates (can’t really say when it started), and it is still present in 2019.7.0.

When on the overview page for a project which requires a tenant for deployments, a drop down menu is shown called “Filter by release”. When you interact with this menu, you can see an API call go out retrieving the releases, and in our case it gets a 200 OK back - all good. However, the drop down shows nothing until you type at least one character. It used to show the latest release first when the control is clicked, but this behavior has changed.

Is this an intentional change, or simply a bug? I would consider it a bug since the client side already has the data loaded from the API call. Why not show it like before.

Thanks for any replies.

Greetings Henrik, thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, this is a known bug,

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