Fileshare NuGet Feed not showing results with test

I am trying to set up Octopus.
We have our NuGet Packages hosted on a local Share (on the same server as Octopus runs).
In various post I reeds this should work with Octopus.
However, when I add the path as Feed, en then try to “Test” it, it always returns “No results found”.
I tried:
\\Dependency Repository\nuget
D:\Dependency Repository\nuget
even sharing the folder directly (to eliminate the space in the path) made no difference.

Linking the official Nuget Server and running test returns results without problems.
Am I missing anything?

(Octopus version 0.9.511.2528)


Using the path (e.g., C:\MyPackages or \\MyServer\\MyPackages) should just work - in fact this is how I do most of my testing.

Since it’s on a share it might be necessary to grant the Octopus website access to the file share, or to switch to the local path - e.g., C:\MyPackages). For file systems you should not put /nuget at the end.

Also note that when you use the Test feature in Octopus, the search is case-sensitive (only for file system) due to how NuGet works.


Hi Paul,
Thanks, no “/nuget” at the end was part of the problem.
It turned out there was a second problem:
While I was addressing the share (\MyServer\Dependency Repository), on which the regular share (SMB) permissions were set to full access, the NTFS permissions were more restrictive. Possibly due to Octopus being on the same server as the nuget share, only after I increased the NTFS permissions, everything starter working.