Files in Nuget Package not being deployed


I’m running into a strange error that I’m hoping is just configuration related. Essentially, I am attempting to work with the variable substitution concept outlined here:

I have created a new file Config.template in the relevant project and marked Build Action: Content, and set Copy to Output Directory: Copy if newer.

This is for a windows service so it uses App.Config files.

When I inspect the nuget package that gets sent to the tentacle, the file exists in the package. When deployed by Octopus, the file is not dropped on the file system.

Octopus Deploy version 64 bit Tentacle running on Windows 7.

Am I missing something?


Jumped the gun. The problem was with how I was doing it. When following the tutorial, I put the wrong file name in the variable replace. In following Tendai’s comments here: I needed to set the Target files for substitution to “myapp.exe.config” instead of Config.transform because, in my pre-deploy script, I replaced myapp.exe.config with Config.transform.

Adding this note in case someone else makes the same mistake.


Hi Ryan,

Glad to hear you sorted this out. Kudos for being a dedicated community member and posting your solution :slight_smile: