Files are not deleted from tentacle

I have retention policy

Undeployed releases: Keep for 3 days
Deployed releases: Keep for 3 days
Tentacle deployments: Keep 3 releases

I verified that I have this policy selected for project group
But I have tons of packages on tentacle in .Tentacle folder
and also in Applications folder

I am experiencing the same issue – our policy is set only keep the last release, but it is only applying the policy on the build server, not the main deployment server where the bulk of the items are copied to. I have attached a set of screenshots that show what I am seeing.

I am running version

retention-issue.docx (76 KB)

Just checked the logs - retention policy is only applied on 1 from 5 server

Thanks very much for reaching out. I think we’re most likely seeing a bug in the overall step scheduling here.

Is it possible for either/both of you to send a “Raw Task Log” ( for one of the impacted deployments, either to this thread or support@ so we can pin it down?

I’ve raised a bug: to track.


Emailed raw log to support@.

Thanks Igor and Joshua,

We got the logs and think we found the bug. Please track the GitHub issue, but I will also update this thread when the fix is live.


Hi All,

The fix for this was in the latest patch and is now live and available for download.