Figuring out which project(s) use a role

We have a total of 25 websites and Windows Services set up for deployment in Octopus Deploy, across four environments and 27 servers. Within the development team quite a few of us have admin rights in Octopus Deploy, so we’ve all set up projects ourselves.

Some of our roles are very fine-grained (i.e. they relate to a specific project) whereas others are more general, and used by multiple projects.

We now have a little bit of an issue…when looking at a single server in Octopus Deploy, and considering its role(s), it can be hard to figure out which projects use those roles and are thus deployed to that server.

We could go through every project in Octopus Deploy and check the deployment process in order to find out this information but that would take us quite a while.

Is there a quicker means of finding this out (other than looking at the folders on the server itself to see what projects are deployed there)?

We’re using Octopus Deploy version

Hi Richard,

Thanks for reaching out. The only way to know which project uses which roles would be through the REST API. You’ll have to get every project -> Deployment Process -> Roles used on it.

Sorry its not better news.


Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for the response. I guess this is the perfect excuse for me to start checking out the REST API! :wink: