Feed drop down type for step templates


When creating a step template based on a step that can have one or more referenced packages, is it possible to add a parameter with a drop down of available feeds as the type?

There is an option for a drop down, but it seems that there is no way of dynamically populate it, and thus any changes to feeds would be ignored (plus it would be a faff to pre-populate anyway).

The type must exist because it’s used by many of the built in steps, so I’m unsure as to why it’s seemly not available to step template authors.


Hi David,

Something we’re working on right now is the ability to bind template package selection to a parameter.

This effect of this will be that when the template is added to a project’s deployment process, the package selector will be shown, allowing the package ID to be entered and the feed to be selected from the drop-down of available feeds.

Will this fit your scenario, or did you specifically want only the feed to be set in the project?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply.

That sounds like it would fit my scenario. I currently use 2x parameters in step templates that require a package to allow users to select the feed and ID. I only mentioned the feed because it’s quite annoying to have to go off and find the ID of the feed, rather than have the drop down. At least with the ID the user can simply enter the value or bind to a variable.

The feature would also have the bonus addition of allowing users to set the referenced package name. Because you can’t bind a variable to the name, I have to hard code it in the step template, which sometimes annoys users.

Would you be able to provide a tentative time frame for implementation of this feature?



We are aiming to ship this in a month or so from now.

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