Feature request/workaround? - Add the type= share parameter to sc.exe to allow deployment of shared windows service

Hi folks

Love the tool, thanks. Any way I can persuade you to support the type parameter of sc.exe, or some other “extra arguments” type feature?

See https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/bb490995.aspx

Need to deploy a windows service with type= share specified because I have a windows service with multiple windows services embedded in the same executable and so cannot deploy them easily without some custom scripting. Any advice on workaround welcome, I solved it with a load of custom powershell based on the built in script used by octopus.



Thanks for reaching out. Best way to persuade us, is by doing the same to the community on Uservoice. If you could create this suggestion over there, and the community likes it enough, we will consider to add support to it in the future.


Also, the library that Octopus uses in the background for the deployments (Calamari) is now open-source since Octopus 3.0. You could add the support for this feature yourself if you need it right away :slight_smile: