Feature Request - Variable sets spanning spaces

We have multiple teams and have so far been avoiding spaces because we have no way that we know of to share variables between the teams.

We have a lot of shared configuration that we wants accessible by all and with only one source of truth. For example, we have many apps that need to add whitelisting for our build/deploy servers. We store that ip whitelist in an octo variable set so all project can access it. If I need to add an ip to that whitelist I can be confident that if I append it to the variable set then the apps have the updated whitelist on the next deploy.

This doesn’t work if teams are in different spaces. I would effectively have to manage several whitelist variable sets across every space which kind of defeats the point.

Has this been considered before?

Come to think of it, script modules would also be a great candidate. We have scripts that we have written to provide a way to automate ticket movements in JIRA or gathering data from new relic. Why should we need to copy these scripts across every space? It makes it so any amendments to the scripts need to be duplicated which is a pain.

Hi @dingus,

Thanks for getting in touch!

The initial concept for Spaces was for organisations that had different Octopus instances running in each department to combine them together into a single instance but to still maintain a strict limit to prevent any data from crossing between Spaces.

The possible issue with sharing items like variable sets and scripts is that a user in Space A may not realise that these are being used by someone in Space B and make a change to the item which then breaks all of the deployments in Space B.

We do have a uservoice where you can raise these suggestions for our product team to review though.


Thanks for the reply Paul,

I can see where you’re coming from. Our motivation for thinking about moving to spaces was because we wanted to restrict accounts to specific teams but that only seems possible with Space boundaries.

I’ll take a look at uservoice.


It is a use-case that has come up a few times. It seems that “Spaces-lite” is what some users want.
The more these cases are raised in uservoice the more visibility our Product team will have on it.

I have raise a uservoice request here - Support sharing of variable sets and script modules across spaces – Feedback & Support for Octopus Deploy.

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