Feature request: Show variables not used & not defined

This is a request, this doesn’t seem to be the right place to put it but I can’t seem to find the appropriate place.

It would be great if Octopus could highlight both variables not declared in the variables sets as well as variables not being used. This could help prevent accidental problems such as spelling, etc… Effectively “strongly typing” variables.

When you have a large amount of steps and projects using a some common variable sets, this becomes almost crucial. As if you change a variable name or delete a variable, you now need to go and check every project and every step to see where that variable was used.

I have attached a 2 files to demonstrate potential look of warning.




Thanks for reaching out. This would be the right place to put the sugestion: http://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/

Over there users can vote for features they want, which help us prioritize our development based on the needs of the community.