Feature request: Add filtering/searching to the dashboard

When you have a larger number of projects on the dashboard it would be helpful to be able to filter or sort the projects by their names or categories, perhaps some sort of configurable user defined views or view per category quick menu would help.

Also our project names are typically rather long (on 3 lines) also and the font-size/styling when wrapped always makes it difficult to scan a large list.


Thanks for reaching out and for the feedback! Would you mind submitting these requests in Uservoice? That’s where we check what the community wants when we plan our new features development


Also, there’s a project called Octopygmy which apparently solves your Dashboard Filtering request https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/octopygmy/gmnfhfdbcadjmpoigffmoondjhblabom

Give it a try and if you like it make sure to tell @davidroberts63 on twitter :slight_smile:



Forgot to reply to this thread but the plugin was very helpful and was just what I was after. Thanks.