Favicon in IE 10 is absent

Hi there, people!

First of all I’d like to say that you created absolutely awesome product ) we like it in Mindbox

As usual there are some tiny bugz :wink:
In my Internet Explorer (version 10.0.9200.17028) on Windows 8 Prof there is no favicon, which makes me upset.
In Opera - it is on its place. Probably, it’s a kind of MS-super-browser bug. Anyway it’s uncomfortable.

Screenshot for favicon_is_absent is in attachment.

One more tiny bug:

  1. Open new discussion
  2. Attach file
  3. Make mistake in Captcha-text
  4. Click “Create”

After page reload u miss attachment. Probably the same behavior we can find when comment discussion.

Hi Ivan, thanks for the kind words! I notice the favicon works in IE 11 if upgrading is a possibility.