Failure upgrading from v2.6

A colleague of mine has attempted to upgrade Octopus today and has encountered an error.
Octopus starts and then stops immediately.

I have attached two errors that were written to the eventlog

Error 1 occurred first followed by error 2.
I’m not aware at this stage if he was aware of the errors whilst undertaking the upgrade

At the moment Octopus is completely non-functional so I’d be grateful of any help you can provide

Many Thanks


OctopusUpgradeError1.txt (11 KB)

OctopusUpgradeError2.txt (11 KB)

Hi Neil,

I’m sorry you’re experiencing issues.

From the logs you have supplied, I can see what is happening, but I’m not sure why. Hopefully you can help with that.

When the Octopus service starts, it checks the database to see if it needs to be updated. It does this by checking the SchemaVersions table. In your case, it can’t find the SchemaVersions table, so it assumes it is a brand new database, and is attempting to run SQL scripts to create the required tables, stored-procs, etc. But apparently these already exist, so obviously this script has run before.

Could you inspect the SQL Server database Octopus Deploy is using, and see if a table called SchemaVersions exists?
If it does, then perhaps there is a permissions issue? If this is the case, we can investigate further.
If it does not exist, then I suspect something failed at some point, and the database is now in an invalid state. Deleting the database and installing Octopus again will probably be the best option in this case.

I hope this helps. Please let me know how you go?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your assistance.

We’ve reinstalled Octopus and imported the 2.6 database and everything appears to be working at this stage.


I’m glad to hear it is working. Thank-you for the update.

Happy Deployments!