'Failed to retrieve notes' error but package is deployed

When looking at a release overview, we are seeing the following errors for our packages:

Failed to retrieve notes: Maven artifact com.foo.bar:cool-app version 22.0.0 was not found.

If I open up my browser dev tools, I can see the API endpoint it is using to retrieve this info, so I have verified that it is using the feed I expect:


If I deploy this release (forcing package download), it can successfully resolve and deploy the package:

The package cache will be skipped because 'ForcePackageDownload' has been set to 'true'

Downloading com.foo.bar:cool-app v22.0.0 to package cache... 
Downloaded com.foo.bar:cool-app v22.0.0 (50.081 MB) with SHA1 c33112d5a55e717fbaff9ca541d5db7ced55b8e1. 
Skipping the package cache because it has been disabled, or this deployment target does not support caching 
No earlier versions of com.foo.bar:cool-app were found on the target so we can't perform a delta upload. 
Uploading package com.foo.bar:cool-app (50.081 MB)... 
Beginning streaming transfer of com.foo.bar%253Afcool-app@M22.0.0@FD5F73B14F7ED847B724D70A4E8A5635.war 
Stream transfer complete 

From our external feeds overview, I can browse this feed in the browser and also find this same package. So the package is definitely there and can be resolved by Octopus when deploying but not when retrieving the notes. It’s great that our deployments are working, but all of our releases are showing that the packages can’t be found. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hey Justin,

Thanks for reaching out.

We actually have a known issue with build information regarding maven feeds here where you can’t push build information: Can't Push Build Information for PackageIDs in Maven Feeds · Issue #6904 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub

Could I please get some screenshots to get some more context?

Could you please either attach or send in a DM a screenshot of clicking into the build info for the specific package with the issue.

For example:

Are you able to send a screenshot of a page of another release+package where you have expected results vs this one?

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks Jeremy, I sent a private message with a document containing some screenshots of the behavior we are seeing. When I navigate to ‘Build Information’, I see No build information found however. I’m actually not too familiar with this area of Octopus – what exactly should I expect to see here? Could this indicate an issue with our Artifactory setup if we are not seeing any info?

Hey Justin,

Thanks for the screenshots. Sorry about the confusion, when you said notes I thought you meant build information for release notes. You can ignore that question as I was going the wrong direction.

Looking at your error in the screenshot, I have a few more questions. When you are selecting the package version when creating the release, does 22.0.0 show up as an option you can select, or do you have to hard code that manually?

The way Octopus works with maven requires the XML and POM to be in place in the feed. If you navigate to the feed and look at the XML and POM for 22.0.0, is that one of the listed versions in both files? Please feel free to send screenshots to our existing DM if you’d like.

Please let me know.


For anyone else following along, the issue seems to be with our maven-metadata.xml file – it is not up to date with the packages that are available in our repo. There are only 4 files in this file and those are the only 4 packages that Octopus can see, so this seems to be the source of our problem.

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Hey Justin,

Thanks for updating the thread. Please let me know how your discussions with your devs go and if you need any more help with this one.

If I don’t hear from you til then, I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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