Failed to get the system proxy settings. Calamari will not use any proxy settings


We seem to get this warning whenever we “run a step on the Octopus Deploy server”

“Failed to get the system proxy settings. Calamari will not use any proxy settings.”

The step actually runs just fine on the Octopus Server, but the warning is just annoying.

We’re not using any proxy, so not sure why this is occurring, anyone seen this before and know how to fix? The


If you are running the step on the Octopus server it sounds like the server has been configured to use the default proxy, You can find out for sure by running the following on your Octopus server from the Octopus binaries folder (usually C:\Program Files\Octopus Deploy\Octopus):

.\Octopus.Server.exe show-configuration | Select-String -Pattern "Proxy"

You should get a list of proxy settings, I’m guessing that Octopus.Proxy.UseDefaultProxy is set to true. If it is, you can disable the proxy by running:

.\Octopus.Server.exe proxy --proxyEnable=false

If that is not the problem would you mind sending the raw log from one of your deployments ( to and we will investigate further.


Hi Matt,

Thanks for sending your logs. Investigating further it looks like Calamari doesn’t care if --proxyEnable=false, it will attempt to use the default proxy anyway. I have created an issue to fix:


Hi Shane

Thanks for that. Are you able to edit the page to remove some of the specific of our environment e.g the paths and the usernames.



Hi Matt,

I’ve removed your environment information from that issue, sorry I know better it was sloppy of me.


Thanks Shane

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