Failed to deploy to environment A when a Step is targeting environment B, even if that step is not assigned A

I’m getting this error:
There was a problem with your request.
The OpenTee PROD account does not belong to the Dev-Staging environment and this project cannot be deployed. Either add the account to the Dev-Staging environment or resolve a different account to use for deploying to the Dev-Staging environment.
Once you have corrected these problems you can try again.
If the problem is related to a variable you will need to update the variables for this release or recreate the release for the changes to take effect.
If the problem is related to the deployment process you will need to create a new release for the changes to take effect.

I have a step for DEV and a step for PROD (different NuGet packages). the step for PROD is not assigned to go to the DEV environment, and it’s not listed if I do the advanced button before I deploy. But I still get this error.

Version 3.1.3 (just upgraded from 2.6)


Thanks for reaching out. So you have:

  • 2 azure accounts registered: 1 for prod (AProd) and 1 for dev (ADev).

  • 2 steps in your deployment process: 1 that deploys to dev-staging using the account ADev and 1 that deploys to Pro using the account AProd.

  • When you deploy to Dev-Staging, you are getting an error that AProd (which is not being used in this deployment) is not scoped to that environment.

Please confirm if this is the scenario so I can file a bug for it. Also please send us 2 screenshots of the configuration of the 2 deploy steps (make sure all fields can be seen).



Yep, that sounds right.






Hakan Lindestaf | V.P. Software Development


Thanks for the confirmation and the screenshots. I’ve created a github issue to get this investigated