Failed deploys not logged to DeploymentJournal.xml on Tentacle

In order for the Tentacle to be able to clean itself up, the Tentacle uses the DeploymentJournal.xml file to figure out what has been deployed.

We’ve noticed a number of leftover files on disk that aren’t being cleaned up, and aren’t in the DeploymentJournal.xml file. Looking at the deployment logs, it appears that if the deployment failed on an earlier step, the DeploymentJournal.xml won’t have the packages listed, even though they were downloaded to the server. (e.g. packages for step 6 are downloaded to the Tentacle at the start; step 3 fails; the packages from step 6 are still on disk but not logged to DeploymentJournal.xml.)

That means that after any failed deploy to our test environments, there will be packages that don’t get cleaned up (as the next build will have new version #s).

Am I understanding correctly how a failure is handled with regard to packages for later steps? If so, is this intentional, or are packages not being logged/cleaned up a bug?