Failed Databasebackup task blocking tentacle deployment


I upgraded Octopus Server from 2.0 to 2.3.6.

When attempting to upgrade the tentacle agents, the upgrade task is perpetually waiting for a failed backup task (From 2 weeks ago )to complete, so i cannot upgrade the tentacles. How do i remove this task so that the upgrade can start?

I can’t cancel the backup task, only ‘try again’ which then creates another task that will also not start because it’s waiting for the previous backup task to complete


This is the document from Raven for the backup that has failed

“Name”: “Backup”,
“Arguments”: {},
“Description”: “Scheduled database backup”,
“QueueTime”: “2014-04-08T23:00:05.0189016+00:00”,
“StartTime”: “2014-04-08T23:00:05.6722470+00:00”,
“LastUpdatedTime”: “2014-04-08T23:00:37.2418186+00:00”,
“CompletedTime”: “2014-04-08T23:00:37.2418186+00:00”,
“ErrorMessage”: “”,
“ConcurrencyTag”: null,
“State”: “Failed”,
“ActorId”: “TaskController-JmQ-y4XtC1QK@SQ-SM-GBLO-VDCP07-290CD24B”,
“HasPendingInterruptions”: false,
“HasWarningsOrErrors”: true,
“ProjectId”: null,
“EnvironmentId”: null,
“ExtendedViewLogPermissions”: [],
“ExtendedCreatePermissions”: [],
“CanRerun”: true

I just changed the state of the task in raven to ‘Success’ and it now appears to be working.

Great, thanks Liam. We’ve made some improvements in the upcoming “2.4” that will improve this area.