Extreme slow response from Octopus Deploy

Over the past month or so, we have experienced an intermittent but frequent slow response from Octopus Deploy while performing simple activities such as general browsing through the interface. It does not seem to be isolated to any particular activity.

By slow response, I mean that the web interface will show a busy animation, & Chrome reports the page is unresponsive every so often. This affects everyone browsing Octopus (there are typically only a few people ever doing this), & it also happens if browsing from the server where Octopus is installed. The server CPU utilisation is typically around zero.

Sometimes when I experience this problem, a single core on my laptop will be locked solid at 100% CPU.

Right now no one can log in to Octopus as they just get a busy page (“Checking your credentials. Please wait…” displayed forever). However as mentioned, this is not isolated to logging in, it’s just that right now we cannot log in.

I am looking for some guidance to help troubleshoot & resolve this frustrating issue. Thank you in advance.

Octopus Deploy version:
Windows version: Windows 2008 R2 SP1 (x64)
Server: virtual machine (vmWare)
Spec: 2x 2.70 GHz Intel Xeon E5-2680 with 8GB RAM.

Hi there

Thanks for getting in touch.

Issues like that usually come down to two things, RavenDB or Active Directory. If you are on AD for auth and your AD server is having issues then Octopus can stall querying it for role membership. We’re doing some work to cache that in the background but we have seen this be a culprit a bit recently.

The other possibility is you’ve hit a limit with RavenDB and that is the issue. Can you try doing an index rebuild of Raven, it may help. Ultimately our fix for Raven performance was to replace it with SQL Server in 3.x.

Are you able to look at an upgrade ?