Extract time taken for completing the execution individual steps during deployment


Is there any way to find out the time taken for individual deployment steps in Octopus?

I want to perform an analysis on my past 1 month deployment history to verify if there is any improvement needs to be done on deployment scripts.

Now I can easily get the time taken for overall deployment of a project. But I do not see any easy way (other than going through each and every deployments manually) to check the time taken for individual steps.

Can someone please suggest a solution here.

Thank you

Hi @Falcon_Francis,

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There isn’t a simple way of getting this information. Within the UI the code is parsing the information from the logs directly.
The only way I could see to achieve this would be to create a script around the API call /api/tasks/ServerTasks-548/details which returns details for each step run.

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Thank you Paul.

I will explore this API

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Thank you Paul. It worked.

I created a small script which will iterate though all server tasks, then will call the api mentioned in your response and will extract the required data as json.

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