External NuGet - "Loading" forever

I’m seeing problem accessing our external (non-Octopus) NuGet server fairly often (every other day). I’m willing to admit it’s the fault of our NuGet server, but I’d like to track down what the problem is. When I go to create a release, I see only “Loading” (See attached image, InfiniteLoading.png). When I try to kick off a release, I get an error that says “no package specified”. However, if I specifically pick the last version number (which, as it happens, is almost always the version I want as this package rarely changes), the deployment works fine. The channel specifies a specific release (see attached image, specificVersion.png).

For the record, our NuGet server is using 2.11.2, and we never notice any problems pulling down packages from it via Visual Studio.

How can I see why Octopus is stuck in infinite “loading” when trying to figure out the version number of the package on our NuGet server?

Rebooting the Octopus server fixes the problem so I’m inclined to think this is, in fact, an Octopus problem.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out. Nuget.server reads the entire package into memory to get its metadata, which can degrade overtime if you have plenty of packages or if they are too big. We even have a note about this in our documentation based on plenty of similar reports from other users: http://docs.octopus.com/display/OD/Package+repositories#Packagerepositories-NuGet.Serverperformance

We recommend using Nuget.lucene which is a free and fairly easy to setup alternative if you are already running Nuget.server.

Best regards,