External feed (TeamCity) with Windows authentication

I have a TeamCity behind IIS where Windows authencation is switched on. This means that all requests must be authenticated. I have created an AD user that has access to TeamCity. However, when I try to create an external feed and enter this user, I still get 401. What could be the problem?

Hi Boyan,

Thanks for the question. I have a few questions to try and determine what the issue is. Are you trying to access the TeamCity NuGet feed from Octopus Server using your AD credentials?

Are you able to access the TeamCity NuGet feed using NuGet.exe and your AD credentials?

What version of Octopus Deploy are you running?


Hi Shane,

Yes, I am trying to access the feed using AD credentials. It does not work from the web interface of Octopus, I get 401. Neither can I reach the feed using nuget.exe - I get asked for credentials constantly.

// Boyan

Hi Boyan,

If you can’t reach your NuGet feed using nuget.exe I think you would need to tweak your IIS configuration. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about configuring NuGet with active directory, there is an article here that may help: http://stackoverflow.com/a/20658725.

Once you can access your feed with nuget.exe you should be able to use the same credentials when creating an external feed in Octopus.


Hi Shane

Just trying to setup our Team City and Octopus environment and I’ve come across the same problem you’ve logged here. All my efforts to get Octopus to use a Windows account to authenticate to Team City have failed. As a result I had to resort to enabling guest loging to get the NuGet feed working between the two system.

If you ever found another way around this I’d be grateful to know.


Hi IAn,

I couldn’t make it work, so what I did was just to use the anonymous feed from TeamCity instead of the user-protected one. It was called using a Windows user anyone, so there is no need to protect it twice.