Export / Import Octopus Project between different Octopus Deploy Servers

We have just started using Octopus 3.2.1 for our product deployment in different environments (TEST, QA & PARALLEL) . We do have created multiple projects for different RTM install / upgrade / Perf Install and each projects consist of 10+ process steps. We have also defined many step templates in Library as well which are getting used in different project’s process steps in different order. As this Octopus deployment provides very neat and clean way to manage and deploy our product, so now we are trying to influence our customer to use same Octopus Deployment. And for that we want to share different projects to different customers as per requirements so that they can use that in their own Octopus Deploy servers. Thus we are looking forward how can we best way to export the whole Octopus project and then import it into another environment means replicate same Octopus project between different Octopus Deploy servers. I can see there is option to Export an Step template(in Library) into JSON object from one Octopus Deploy Server, which can be Imported as step template into another Octopus Deploy Server. However I am not able to find how can I export whole project having a set of multiple process steps. OR is there any way I can create a single Step Template which can have multiple sub-steps template? Could you please guide and suggest what is best way we can achieve our requirements.
I tried searching solution for my problem but didn’t get anything satisfactory, if there is any post/discussions already about it then please share the link.

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Thanks for getting in touch. I saw your email but I’ll just reply here so we can have the conversation in one place.

I’m glad you’re finding Octopus Deploy beneficial and that you want to expand its use. We don’t directly support the scenario you are suggesting, but I’ll make a couple of suggestions and see if it helps drive towards a solution. Either way I think you’d want to avoid duplicating your projects otherwise you need to maintain each copy independently.

  1. It sounds like you might be doing what some people call multi-tenancy - where you have several end-customers that use the software you produce, but they would use different variables or hosting environments etc. In this case you would have a single Octopus Server, and wouldn’t need to export/import projects. Take a look at our guidance on Multi-tenant deployments, and our recent RFC on Multi-tenant deployments and see if something like that might meet your needs. It is important to note we are considering a deeper, first-class multi-tenant feature and will be posting another RFC in the new year
  2. You could consider the data-migration features of Octopus 3.x, but this is for an entire server, and it means you’d need to maintain each copy of the projects.

Hope that helps!