Execution Plan option missing

We are trying to deploy an azure webapp using a step. However we no longer see an option to use ‘Octopus server’ in the Execution Plan section.
After some reading we see that this might no longer be available and that we need to use https://octopus.com/docs/infrastructure/azure/web-app-targets.

Is this assumption correct?
Kind regards,
Jorn Theunissen

Hi Jorn,

Yes things have changed slightly with the introduction of worker (you can read more about workers/worker pools in https://octopus.com/blog/octopus-workers), but in short in a default installation the Default Worker Pool is empty which means that Octopus uses an “internal” worker and is equivalent to what used to be called Run on Server.

That bit is about where the deployment actually executes. The PaaS Targets concept is related but separate. A target represents the “thing” you are actually deploying, e.g. an Azure Web App.

Targets are required if you are setting up new projects, but if you have existing steps from a pre-2018.5 they will continue to work and targets are not required for them.

I hope this makes sense


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Hi John,

Thank you for your swift reply. This answers my question.