Execution of an EXE on multiple servers

Question regarding execution of an EXE on multiple servers, I have created an Autoinstaller using AutoIT and would like to execute it using octopus on our servers, I tried writing a PowerShell to

  1. Move the files to a temp folder on the servers - Successful
  2. Execute the EXE
  3. Delete the Temp files
    For the second step I ran start-process C:\TempInstallers\MyInstall.exe -verb runAs the first time this ran it picked a random Admin and ran under them I understand this is how the runas command works, this becomes an issue since it seems like the user has to logon for the process to continue. Also after the install is done, how can i make tentacles know this so it does the house cleaning and delete the files? Please also let me know if there is a better way to execute EXE through the tentacles.
    Thank you.

Hi Moody,

Thanks for getting in touch! And really sorry about the delay in getting back to you here.
I’ve created a documentation page that shows how you can set Tentacle to log on as a specific user:

This will allow you to execute the EXE without the runAs and always as the same user. You will also be able to call the EXE such as:
& "C:\TempInstallers\MyInstall.exe" This should allow your step to complete and thus run the next step to delete your files.

We have made a few assumptions like the EXE doesn’t try to invoke an interface that will require a user to do something.

Thank you very much, I definatley will give this a try.