Executing a script on Octopus Server on behalf of targets is showing RPS error

We have configured one step to run a Powershell script on the Octopus Server on behalf of the targets.
We need to do it this way because we actually need to remotely reboot the servers.

The issue is that the script is executed with a warning message:
"The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA) "

Please, we have checked that the RPS services are running. What can be causing this warning message?


Hi Ana,

Thanks for getting in touch!

What we are doing under the covers in this scenario is exactly the same as opening Powershell and executing a remote script, so the first check that I would ask is if you open Powershell on the server the Octopus is running on and attempt to run the same script do you see the same issue? If it fails then I would be investigating you environment to make sure that everything required for remote Powershell is enabled correctly (firewall ports, Windows firewalls and user permissions).

If your powershell script executes correctly the next step would be to look at user permissions, as by default we use the Local System account to run your Octopus Server service and therefore all scripts that execute under this context. You can change the user that your Octopus Server service runs as (via Services.msc), just make sure the user that you select has the required permissions for Octopus as listed here.

The other approach that you could take, instead of using remote Powershell, is to install Tentacle on these servers (if it isn’t already) and trigger the restart by running the Powershell script locally on the machine. If you can provide more context as to what you are trying to achieve as part of this deployment process I can give you more specific advise about how to make this work for you (e.g. enabling guided failure mode).

Thanks Ana, I look forward to hearing from you shortly,


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