Execute SQL Script with SQL Authentication

Hi Team,

To Execute SQL Script with SQL Authentication, we are using “Execute SQL Script with SQL or Windows Authentication” Step Template.

If we use SQL Authentication, then we need to provide Username and Password.

However, Password is clearly visible to all.

Requesting you to please encrypt the Password filed.

PFB screenshot for your reference.


Hi there @ayan.biswas

Thanks for letting us know - I’ve raised this issue for this to be addressed in an upcoming release.

If this is an immediate problem, you can work around this, by making use of variable substitution instead.

Another option is to copy this step into your custom template library, and apply the sensitive flag to that ones password field, and then use that step instead.

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your quick response.

Please let us know - Which upcoming release, this issue will resolve?

Please be posted here.


Hi @ayan.biswas

Happy to help, I can’t give an estimate on which release this will be resolved in, but we’ll do our best to get it out soon.

If you follow the Github issue, you should be notified when the issue is closed and that will indicate which version the fix should be available in.

Hope this helps,


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