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We are using TFS Team Build with OctoPack. We have a solution with multiple projects set to Continuously Integrate when we check in any code. TFS team build then uses OctoPack and automatically creates the NuGet packages and pushes them into our Octopus Server via the API. The problem is that not all the versions are incremented during check in as we may have only updated a particular project.

When Octopus Deploy sees that the same version in the other projects are trying to be pushed via the API it throws an error and the entire build fails. The different projects have Assembly Version is set to “1.1.*”

How can I prevent my builds from failing. It’s ok that Octopus does not accept the non-updated packages.

Hi Glen,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry that we don’t have a good work around for this at the moment. I’ve just opened this issue to find a solution:

In the mean time, incrementing the package versions on every build is probably the only workaround.


Hi Paul,

Could you please let me know if you have a solution for above issue.


Hi Lijo,

Thanks for reaching out. Adding ?replace=true at the end of the push URL would overwrite the current package with the new one, avoiding that error (more info here)

Is this what you are looking for?


Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks a lot for the quick response. Yes, this is the perfect solution and solved my issue as we dont want to change the version for the DEV env.


Thanks for the update. I see this was added in February already.
It solves the problem.