Excessive CPU utilization on SQL host after upgrade to v2018.6.3

Hello, we are seeing high CPU utilization on our SQL server after upgrading to v2018.6.3. There are extended periods (30-60m) where the machine is running at 100%. We were planning on upgrading to the latest version sometime in the future, but will have to accelerate our timetables if there are performance fixes in the newer versions. Is there an intermediate version you suggest we go to resolve the SQL performance problem?

Hi @snaulls

We have indeed been working hard on performance recently, so I would suggest upgrading as soon as you can to 2018.7.7 (or later as .8 is on it’s way through our release pipeline). You should see large reductions in SQL CPU as part of these upgrades.

Sorry about the impact we caused!


Thanks Alex. We’ve upgraded to v2018.7.7 and the CPU spiking has disappeared. Well done!