Exception while accessing project settings on Octopus 2.6

This morning we started to receive a very bad exception on all our project in Octopus. At the moment we are running a Team License on Octopus 2.6.4 and we can’t upgrade to 3.2 for now because we have too many machines out there and no time.

If we access any project settings area we get this exception:

Unable to cast object of type
to type 'Nancy.Responses.JsonResponse`1[Octopus.Client.Model.ResourceCollection`1[Octopus.Client.Model.ArtifactResource]]'.

Problem is that disk is full in some machines and we can’t even delete old applications packages or change the retention policy of these projects. Any guess?

Hi Raffaeu,

Thanks for getting in touch! Could you start with a Raven index reset. (In the Octopus Manager). Otherwise could I get a copy of your server logs (c:\Octopus\Logs in standard installs).

Let me know what you find.

Hi Vanessa and thank you for your answer.

Yes we re-index the Raven DB and Reboot Octopus and now it’s working again.

Thank you

Raffaele Garofalo (Raffaeu)