Exception when setting health check times

Hi guys,

An exception is thrown when setting health check times, when the “hour” field is left blank.



I also have a feature request:

Allow us to set hours and minutes for the ‘Hours unavailable’ cleanup.

What we are running in to is that if we cycle an auto scale group (terminate instance and replace with fresh instances), and then attempt to target the environment with a deployment, the deployment will fail because the offline instances are still hanging around in Octopus. Ideally we want them to disappear within minutes, not hours.

Another option would be to allow us to say, for a given machine, if it is offline during a deployment, skip it - similar to the health checks.

Also - it would be sweet if I could edit the title of my forum post, so that I could fix derping it up earlier and only entering half of it.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks very much for the feedback. That sounds reasonable. We’ll get that hours field converted to a timespan so you can specify minutes … and we’ll have those fixes in for beta2.


Awesome, thanks Mark.