Errors on top of Page

Hello Paul,

We are working on finding better ways to improve our development speed. Because on several different projects like; huge websites(C# Asp.net4 Mvc3 Sql), wcf services(C# entity framework automapper), chrome extensions(html5-js-jquery) etc. We haven’t any waste of time to digging into logs for finding errors. We just like speed as well as you…

So my sincere suggestion is; When the deploy manager viewing failed deployment outputs in -let’s say- - The manager should be easly view the error. I mean, errors should be placed on top of the page so with that way; manager will not expand output logs for finding errors.

Please look at the attached file. I have to expand all nodes to see it. But that was the error that I need it to find; “2012-03-13 23:10:59 ERROR Error while executing job: PowerShell script ‘C:\Octopus\Tentacle\Applications*******Service.1.0.12074.2\Deploy.ps1’ returned non-zero exit code: Octopus.Tentacle.Integration.PowerShell.PowerShellExecutionResult. Deployment terminated.” If that line was placed on top of the page, it could be nicer.

Anyway, thank you for developing that nice product. Have a nice day…

Kind Regards,

Hi Orkan,

Thanks for the suggestion, I agree with you. It shouldn’t be hard to put the errors at the top - I’ll include it in the next release.