Hi ,

since today we got an error when we try to login to our octopus:

Url: “/indexes/dynamic/Projects?query=&start=0&pageSize=128&aggregation=None&sort=Name&operationHeadersHash=-701606582” System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Non-negative number required. Parameter name: capacity at System.Collections.Hashtable…ctor(Int32 capacity, Single loadFactor) at System.Collections.Hashtable.Clone() at SupportClass.WeakHashTable.Clean() in z:\Libs\\src\core\SupportClass.cs:line 1334 at SupportClass.WeakHashTable.CleanIfNeeded() in z:\Libs\\src\core\SupportClass.cs:line 1325 at SupportClass.WeakHashTable.set_Item(Object key, Object value) in z:\Libs\\src\core\SupportClass.cs:line 1390 at

Can you help us with that?



Hi Nils,

Is this still occurring? Perhaps we can connect over Skype to try and debug it. My skype username is paulstovell.