Error when deploying

Hi, I have a very basic deployment setup on a fresh server, which only has one step to deploy a Nuget package to the file system. When it deploys I get an error:-

The process cannot access the file ‘C:\MyPath.Tentacle\Logs\e6750c66-4172-45bc-94da-d9dfab2c3350.log’ because it is being used by another process.

The log file is one that the process has just created and written too, so there can’t be any permissions issues with it. The tentacle is running under local system. There is no virus software installed on this machine yet, so that discounts it accessing the file too.

Do you have any ideas of how I can prevent this issue from occurring please?

Adding a small amount more detail to this.

I have also run process explorer against the log folder as it runs and the only process i see is a single instance of the Tentacle.

And more info again…

My initial release had been setup to deploy to a particular path i specified. I then changed the step to deploy to the default location, and created another release. This release was successfully deployed, though it was deployed to the location i had previously specified (before i emptied the path in the step).

It’s all seems a little crazy to me, but I really need to be able to specify the release folder. Any thoughts on this bug would be appreciated.

Hi Will,

I’m sorry for not responding to this sooner. Is the issue still occurring? Would you be available for a Skype screen sharing session so I can have a look and try to resolve it? My Skype handle is paulstovell.