Error setting IIS app pool Identity

I am using v3.3.8 and I am new to octopus

In one of the steps I set IIS Application pool Identity to custom user and I set Username and Password there, in deploying I get this error

“This project contains sensitive-variables, but your offline-drop target does not have an encryption password set.”

I don’t know how should I set encryption password for offline-drop target.

Hi Reza,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As a security measure, any sensitive variables are written to a separate file which is then encrypted. To perform the encryption/decryption, a password is required.

You can add this password when editing your offline drop target (see the “Environments” menu, [select your offline drop target], then see the “Sensitive-variables encryption password” field. Click “Set” on the right, enter your desired password, then Save.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, as you said I set password on offline drop target and it solved, It would be great if you could make the original message more informative.