Error referencing Arm Template and Parameters file

Hello I am getting an error when running a release which runs the follwoing process step:

“Deploy an Azure Resource Manager Template”

The ARM template is uploaded to Octopus as a package. I am strugling to get the release to deploy as it keeps erroring on resolving the path to the .json template file. From what i understand the package is extracted to “\Work<Time-Stamp>\Staging”. Is there a variable for this path i need to set?

I have currently set the “relative the paths for the template and parameter files” to

“servers.json” for template file

“servers.parameters.json” for parameter file

What should i be setting the “Enter relative the paths for the template and parameter files in the package” paths too if the above is incorrect?

The package is a zip. The zip contains two files on the root as follows:


The error i get when i deploy the release is:

Extracting package to: C:\Octopus_Home\Work\20180316143817-137-17\staging
14:38:18 Verbose | Extracted 2 files
14:38:18 Error | Could not resolve ‘server.json’ to physical file
14:38:18 Error | Running rollback conventions…
14:38:18 Error | Could not resolve ‘server.json’ to physical file

I attached a screen dump and log file.

Any help appreciated.


verbose.log (18.5 KB)

Hi Yogs,

Thank you for getting in touch!

You mention that the files in the package is called servers.json and servers.parameters.json, but in the screenshot of the step you’ve got the template path as server.json not servers.json.

I hope that helps.

Thank you and best regards,

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