Error: No package for the action


We have just migrated to V3 (3.0.5) from the previous ravendb version

Deployment scenario: single step nuget package on server 1 and then rolling deployment across rest of the server

After successful migration I tried to perform a deployment like we do before.
So the 1st server went through successfully, but other machines (under rolling deployment) threw Error message “No package for the action ‘2fe34a65-9554-4fa7-9df5-9d726bbc0a1a’ and machine ‘Machines-6’ was acquired.”

I just gave another try, but disabled Server 1 steps. Interesting, deployments where successful on rest of the servers that failed before

Any help would be appreciated!!

Hi Pravin,

Thanks for getting in touch! Very sorry for the troubles you are experiencing.
I have created a GitHub issue that you can track here:
Hopefully we will have a fix out soon.

Please track the issue or keep an eye on the downloads page for the fix.