Error keeps appearing on version


I keep getting the following error on most config screens when I attempt to save. The error I’ve attached is from clicking reset on environment connectivity.

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: remoteSpace.

Hi Graham,

Thanks for getting in touch! Yeah, we have this open as a current bug that you can track here:

Thanks for reporting this issue,

Hi all,
I am also getting the “pink box” error intermittently on Octopus v2.5.7.384 - restarted the Octopus server, and it seemed to go away for a bit, but then eventually came back when I deployed some new machines to the server, and clicked the “Reset connections to these xx machines” button. After which, I cannot save settings without also getting it.

Have there been any updates to the reported bug? I see that v2.5.8.447 is out - wondering if the fix is in here.


Thanks for the getting in touch. This issue is still open but scheduled to be part of the next release.
When the issue is closed - this will generally indicate that it has been completed.
This thread will be updated when it has been released.