Error creating release from TFS if project contains child deploy

I have a common project for deploying some packages that are hosted in a TFS NuGet package repository. Octopus is configured to pull packages from that feed and authenticate using Windows integrated auth. I have a TFS build step that creates a release of that common project and that step works fine.

I then have a second project whose first step is a “Deploy a Release” step to deploy the common package project. When a TFS build step tries to create a release of the second project, I get the error below. Normally when creating a release of the second project through the UI, I get prompted to pick the version of the common package project to include in the second project’s release. It defaults to the latest version of the common package project so I thought that the TFS build step might do that as well. However, the error below seems to indicate that it’s also trying to figure out which individual package versions to use which I thought would have already been determined from whatever version of the common package project was selected.

Starting: Create Octopus Release: *****
Task         : Create Octopus Release
Description  : Create a Release in Octopus Deploy
Version      : 2.0.78
Author       : Octopus Deploy
Help         : Version: 2.0.78. [More Information](
"E:\TFS\x.x.x\agent\_work\_tasks\OctopusCreateRelease_4e131b60-5532-4362-95b6-7c67d9841b4f\2.0.78\Octo.exe" create-release --project="230 - *****" --releaseNumber="" --channel="" --server=https://x.x.x/ --apiKey=******** --enableServiceMessages --releaseNotesFile="E:\TFS\x.x.x\agent\_work\1\s\"
Octopus Deploy Command Line Tool, version 4.22.1
Build environment is Handshaking with Octopus server: https://x.x.x/
Handshake successful. Octopus version: 2018.2.6; API version: 3.0.0
Authenticated as: Service - TFS <> (a service account)
This Octopus Server supports channels
Finding project: 230 - *****
Automatically selecting the best channel for this release...
Building a release plan for Channel 'Default'...
Finding deployment process...
Finding release template...
The package version for some steps was not specified. Going to try and resolve those automatically...
Finding latest package for step: Deploy Packages
Unable to process response from server: Requested value 'OctopusProject' was not found.. Response content: {
  "FeedType": "OctopusProject",
  "Name": "Octopus Server Releases (built-in)",
  "FeedUri": "octopus://",
  "Username": "",
  "Password": {
    "HasValue": false,
    "NewValue": null
  "Id": "feeds-builtin-releases",
  "LastModifiedOn": null,
  "LastModifiedBy": null,
  "Links": {
    "Self": "/api/feeds/feeds-builtin-releases",
    "SearchPackagesTemplate": "/api/feeds/feeds-builtin-releases/packages/search{?term,take,skip}",
    "SearchPackageVersionsTemplate": "/api/feeds/feeds-builtin-releases/packages/versions{?packageId,take,skip,includePreRelease,versionRange,preReleaseTag,filter,includeReleaseNotes}",
    "Packages": "/api/feeds/feeds-builtin-releases/packages",
    "SearchTemplate": "/api/feeds/feeds-builtin-releases/packages{?packageId,partialMatch,includeMultipleVersions,includeNotes,includePreRelease,versionRange,preReleaseTag,take,descriptionsOptional}",
    "VersionsTemplate": "/api/feeds/feeds-builtin-releases/packages{?packageIds}",
Error from Octopus server (HTTP 200 OK)
Exit code: -7
Process 'Octo.exe' exited with code '-7'.
Finishing: Create Octopus Release: *****
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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for getting in touch. I think the issue you are hitting is that you’re currently using an older version of Octopus.Client (used by Octo.exe, which is used by the TFS extension).

Sorry this was called out in more detail in the release notes for 2018.2, but you’ll need to update the TFS extension to get the updated Octopus.Client. I’ve fed this back to the team too, so hopefully it gets called out more clearly in future releases.

Hope that helps and please let me know if you continue to have any issues after the update.


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